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JB183 [TNK/OBS/HA] is a Bronx born , but Boston writer and artist that started out  bombing tracks to co owning a graff shop. Getting into graphic and 3D design, to murals and much more you can find his work is lowkey everywhere from walls around the city, skateboards, clothing lines, even your local bud mans had to get a bag designed by him. With his history and unique cartoonish style I felt my dawg would be just right for the first Artist Collab.


JB183 wants to look out for the animals. So every purchase will donate $5 to Merwin Memorial Free Clinic for Animals


Find out more about them here:


Product Description:
  • 12oz Heavy Canvas 
  • Standard Size
  • Reinforced at stress points
  • Web Handles
  • Black/White


  • 15"W x 15"H x 3"D
  • 21" handles


3-5 business days for shipping within the US. Typically east coast orders will take about 2-3 days to ship, while west coast orders may take up to 5 days.


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